About Us

Welcome to 5 Steps Chinese, here we introduce you to a new and modern way of learning the Chinese language. While following the local MOE syllabus we conduct fun and enjoyable lessons to capture the interest of your child. That’s not all, we also provide conversational classes for our international students. Classes are available for students from Primary to Secondary levels, beginner to advance.  Students of any nationality and background are welcomed to join us.

The bilingual approach to Chinese language teaching helps students master language skills to navigate the increasingly globalized world of East and West.

Despite the increasing number of non-Chinese speakers enthusiastically striving to master the Chinese language, many young Singaporeans regard Chinese as a class language – a language used in Chinese lesson. To them, the Chinese language has become a yoke instead of an important communication tool. In 2010, English was the most frequently used language at home for 51.9% of Chinese Singapore residents aged 5 to 14, a jump from 35.8% in 2000.  There are many reasons for this social phenomenon, but it all boils down to a single reason – lack of interest. In 5 Steps Chinese, we work towards stimulating your child’s interest in this beautiful language by the use of engaging and fun activities.