$0, there is no registration fee.

This will be discussed during the consultation.

Depending on the needs of your child, students might be required to purchase additional materials.

In most cases, additional materials are not required.

The aim of 5 Stes Chinese is to cultivate student’s ability to acquire knowledge by understand how to master the Chinese language. We do not sit beside the student and spoonfeed the student with answers.  We ask intriguing question to stimulate their thinking so that they can answer the question on their own.

Also, each student has his own study plan,teacher will ensure that he completed his checklist before the end of the tuition. 

Please do not be worried about this. During the consultation the teacher will gain understanding of your child’s personality and studying style. The teacher will use the most effective way to help your child. With full understanding of your child’s weaknesses, the teacher will pay attention to his work and make sure he understands the materials that he is learning.