很高心把我的儿子送到这间补习中心, 我的儿子非常喜欢这里的老师。他的华文水平也有了明显的提高!学校老师都觉得不可思议!
张梓帆,10 岁
My daughter has always been very shy and against going to tuition, however, she told me that the teachers here are very kind and gentle. I feel very assured knowing that the teacher always makes sure to pay attention to my daughter knowing that she is often too shy to ask questions. With the help of the teacher, she now does better in school and has gained confidence in answering questions in school.
Janice Lau
Marcey Teo, 9 years old
My family came to singapore 5 years ago from the Phillipines. My son has been learning chinese in the local school for 5 years now. He has always been scoring borderline passes. We got worry thinking about his PSLE, 4 months before his Chinese PSLE we decided to send him to this tuition centre. To our surprise, my son came back with an A in Chinese for his PSLE!
Simon, 12 years old
Caring and gentle teacher, she not only cares about my child's education but also her personal growth. My daughter trusts the teacher very much and talks to her about her school problems. I am very thankful that my daughter met a Teacher-friend, a good influence, who gives her good advice to help her excel in school!
Erika Lee
Jamie Ong, 14 years old